TikTok Publicizes New #ForYou Summit to Present Advertising Insights and Suggestions

TikTok has announced another event with its third #ForYou Summit on July 21st, aimed at helping marketers get the most out of their advertising tools and building a community on the platform.

The event “culture drivers” is aimed at Brand and agency partner in North America, will feature creators, musicians, advertising agency managers, and TikTok employees, each with a perspective on how to get the most out of TikTok for marketing.

As explained by TikTok:

“#ForYou Summit: Culture Driver will feature groundbreaking research that is critical to taking your brand to the next level. The summit will feature many of today’s most culturally innovative CMOs. Join us and gain hands-on knowledge, that enables your brand to be launched in a new era of community-driven culture on TikTok. “

The main sessions will focus on key use cases and processes, including the platform’s impact on music trends and working with influencers for campaigns.

TikTok Summit

The event will also feature breakout sessions on building AR effects, e-commerce opportunities, trust and security insights, and more.

TikTok has announced a series of virtual events over the past few months to maximize connection with brands and increase its sales potential. Just this week TikTok announced its “Small Biz Block Party”, a Virtual workshop series of 20 events for SMEs, while a pop-up installation “For You House” will also be launched in the UK later this month. TikTok also ran its very first Ready, Set, Grow Summit for SMEs earlier this year.

And with TikTok topping the download charts practically every month for the past year and a half, it makes sense for the platform to capitalize on the growing interest from marketers to build a more sustainable, profitable business model that both brand partners can continue to produce and ensure that TikTok can pay its top creators to post more often.

And, of course, a big bank for TikTok itself. The app is now well on the way to reaching 1 billion users in 2021, keeping pace with Instagram – and although it will likely never reach Facebook in terms of overall usage, as Facebook knows Attracting youth is the key to longevity in the place.

Facebook has overtaken MySpace in the same way. Could that mean that TikTok will eventually become a platform and replace The Social Network?

Facebook, by and large, is probably too big to fail right now. Regarding this aspect, however, given the sheer platform usage and engagement, it is possible that TikTok could at some point become the main platform of choice.

Marketers can sign up for the ‘#ForYouSummit: Culture Driver’ here, although spaces are limited.

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