TikTok shares new insights on how SMBs maximize their presence on the platform

TikTok has released the second element of its new “Behind the Business” series, which offers tips and insights for SMEs who want to use the platform as part of their digital marketing approach.

The first in the series highlighted video tips and techniques to help you make your TikTok clips stand out, while this new set takes a deeper look at how small business owners are really using TikTok to increase audience engagement and increase their market exposure.

For example, the first video examines whether TikTok is right for your company.

Other videos offer best practices and community building tips, while there is also a collection of first-hand insights from SMB owners who they believe are the real keys to TikTok’s success.

Well worth checking out the clips, all a minute and a half long, if you’re interested in building a presence on TikTok or just wondering what other brands are getting from the platform and how they’re using it.

And while most of the advice is fairly broad, there are some good things to say – and the fact that it comes from companies that actually post on the platform adds added value to the lessons learned.

TikTok is still on the rise and remains at the top of the App Store charts, with predictions to hit one billion active users this year. That’s why it’s the platform most SMBs want to learn more about, and if you’re on that boat, this new video series is definitely worth your time.

Here you can watch all TikTok ‘Behind the Business’ videos.

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