Tyler Whitman Pronounces New York Million Greenback Itemizing Particulars – Unique Interview

Let’s get started right away: you joined the cast during season 8 and are back for season 9. How were you originally cast for Million Dollar Listing New York?

Everyone asked me that. It feels like a big blur to me, you know, but it all happened very quickly. You saw I do a lot of video marketing on Instagram, someone got in touch and asked me if I would be interested in being seen for this and I said sure. And the next thing I knew they were saying, “You’re on the show.”

Your Instagram presence is – I think lively and personable should be the descriptors that come to mind – so that had to be a selling point for the casting.

Yeah, it was definitely funny when I said, “This is very fast,” and they said, “Well, we had a lot of material to watch.”

So you were a natural, let’s put it that way. She and Kirsten Jordan seem to have a great relationship, and the video from the 143 Reade Street sales contest was pretty hilarious. How was your professional relationship with KJ?

You know what? It was really good. When we first met there was definitely some tension between us and I don’t really know why because the more I got to know her, the more I thought, “Oh, we’re kind of like friendship soul mates.” knows? We definitely … we argue don’t get me wrong [and] We’re definitely getting on each other’s nerves, but I love this woman. And then, when it comes to business, you know we’re both very experienced, but we come from different schools of thought, but we still respect each other very much. And that’s great because she shows me a different perspective on sales and I do the same for her. It often happens that we get together and the power we both have in thinking through logistics and problems and things that we need to resolve as real estate agents has been illuminating I think probably is that [right] Word … It’s like I’ve opened my mind to other possibilities, and I think she’d say the same thing.

That leads us to something else. When you encounter a broker-on-broker drama or a broker-on-broker drama, what is the best and most effective way to suppress it?

Just go straight to the source. Yeah, most of the dramas have to do with the he-says-she-said-the-boot of things because it’s just such a competitive, feisty industry and people love to talk and everyone has opinions – and how: you use that person and not that person “and” oh my god look at this picture they took “and blah blah blah. And instead I just let people say what to say. I really learned to just answer how : “Oh thanks for the feedback,” and then going back to the person I’m accepting the relationship with and just saying, “Hey, do we have to work on this and work on it? ? “And usually it’s like an eye roll and [they’ll] be like, “No, that person is crazy.” And not assuming that everything you hear is true, just talking to the person you know is important in making the decision.

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