Unbabel Pronounces LangOps Survey Outcomes and New Market Class to Unify Language Technique and Unleash Progress for Companies

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Unbabel, the industry’s first AI-powered Language Operations platform to help businesses deliver multilingual support at scale, today announces a new market category: Language Operations (LangOps). LangOps is a unified approach that helps global companies communicate trust more effectively with their customers and stakeholders in any language. It provides transparency and control over every aspect of the language in a company by breaking multilingual barriers and solving a key challenge for global market expansion.

“We believe that setting up LangOps as a separate category will allow customers to centralize and scale multilingual skills across their organization,” said Vasco Pedro, Unbabel co-founder and CEO. “All companies run language processes through a complex mix of different systems, agencies and employees. This manual and fragmented problem hampers communication, blocks cross-functional collaboration, and blocks global expansion. LangOps will redefine how companies unify and manage their language strategy to drive business growth and exceed customer expectations. ”

As part of this category launch, Unbabel is announcing the Unbabel LangOps Survey 2021, which shows participants’ strong market desire for centralized LangOps as well as optimism about the value and business adoption of LangOps. Unbabel collected results from 1,058 US respondents with decision-making powers in various roles such as customer support, sales, marketing, IT, business operations, human resources, finance, and procurement in organizations with global operations. The participants were evenly divided between medium-sized companies (100-999 employees) and companies (over 1,000 employees).

Key takeaways include the following:

  • Localization doesn’t allow companies to scale. Respondents think that their current localization function is in terms of quality (34%), speed (32%) and consistency (30%). Businesses expanding to enter new markets are due to the huge cost (e.g. 44%), the lack of a unique single owner (36%) and the disconnected, decentralized process of integrating new languages ​​(36%).

  • LangOps would save money. More than 90% of respondents agree that a centralized LangOps platform could be a cost-effective solution for doing more with less.

  • Centralized LangOps is valuable. Over 86% believe that having a centralized LangOps team managing all translation and localization efforts in their company could be extremely or very valuable.

  • LangOps is important for the global market strategy. More than 90% of respondents agree that LangOps could be extremely or very important to their company’s global market strategy.

  • The market is confident that it will be adopted quickly. More than half (52%) of the respondents would like to implement a LangOps solution in the next five or six months.

Unbabel is uniquely positioned to top the LangOps category thanks to its proprietary AI-powered, human-refined machine translation technology that supports an entire company’s language strategy. As a provider of LangOps platforms, companies must offer their customers a single dashboard with:

  • Key language analytics that provide deep insights into all critical business functions;

  • advanced machine translation tools and workflows that enable key stakeholders to collaborate and streamline a more efficient translation process;

  • and seamless integrations and APIs that fit into existing systems to integrate translations into different communication channels.

Find out more about LangOps and the future of your language strategy here.

Supporting quotes

“A decentralized, fragmented, and isolated approach to language translation services just doesn’t work anymore,” said Vikram Nagaraj, global delivery partner manager at Microsoft, an Unbabel customer. “For companies like Microsoft, there is a need and a desire to offer multilingual communication across functions and operations beyond customer service. Unbabel is driving this movement by breaking the language barrier and creating a centralized way to operationalize language more efficiently and on a large scale. ”

“Unbabel positions itself as a visionary in this area with his understanding that LangOps can change the industry,” said Marco Amorim, Global Transformation Lead Architect at Majorel, an Unbabel partner who specializes in international customer experience and business process outsourcing. “We fully agree that a unified language approach beyond translation can enable companies to better serve their customers and expand their global presence. Unbabel’s survey results draw attention to the growing interest here – the majority of survey participants are confident that a LangOps solution will be implemented quickly within the next six months. ”

About unbabel

Unbabel removes language barriers so companies can thrive in all cultures and regions. The company’s Language Operations solution combines advanced artificial intelligence with human editors for fast, efficient, high quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel integrates seamlessly with any channel so agents can provide consistent, multilingual support within their existing workflows. This makes it easy for companies to expand into new markets and build customer trust in all parts of the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Unbabel works with leading customer support teams from brands like Panasonic, Microsoft, Booking.com and Udemy to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak. More information is available at www.unbabel.com.

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