Urge for food Inventive has up to date ecommerce web sites for dietary complement suppliers to boost buyer expertise

Suppliers of nutritional supplements VSL # 3 and Hello Day have launched new websites in collaboration with the creative technology studio Appetite Creative.

VSL # 3, recently acquired by ParaPharm Development Ltd, needed a redesigned ecommerce website to match the new brand and Hello Day needed a redesigned ecommerce website to attract new customers.

The redesign of the Hello Day website included a complete overhaul to freshen up the look and feel. This included a new UI design that takes up the existing Hello Day branding, but interprets it in a modern way. The aim was to present Hello Day as an industry leader and to reflect the quality of service that sets the company apart from the competition.

In addition to being an e-commerce platform for Hello Day, the website also offers health-related educational content. It is a platform for people who are interested in networking and becoming part of the Hello Day team as wellbeing mentor ambassadors.

“We are incredibly pleased with the work that the Appetite team has done. I am so proud to make this beautiful website available to our customers, ”said Sébastien Rumpler, founder of Hello Day. “We look forward to seeing how you react to and enjoy the updated boutique website.”

For VSL # 3, Appetite delivered a modern e-commerce platform that built trust and created a better customer experience to increase sales of VSL # 3 products. A creative and dynamic design for an integrated Shopify e-commerce experience was delivered for the new website. The new design presented content in an organized and easy-to-navigate manner, and included better quality images, branded colors, and UX and UI website design to improve the user experience.

In addition to the relaunch of the VSL # 3 website, the Appetite team supported the marketing activities through social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC ads. The aim is to create awareness around the newly launched brand by communicating the unique selling points, to lead users to the new website and ultimately to generate sales.

“The Appetite team was always quick to respond and support this campaign, and the results are already impressive,” said Ioanna Vrettou, Product Manager at ParaPharm Development Ltd. “The design reflects our brand and the seamless experience we want to offer our customers. ”

“With a mobile-first design, the two new websites are at the heart of e-commerce and include a fresh new design that takes both brands to a new level,” said Jenny Stanley, Managing Director of Appetite Creative.

“We have worked closely with both customers to ensure that we deliver a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, elegant design that reflects the look and feel of their brand. We are pleased with the results and are confident that both ecommerce sites will see more traffic and sales in the coming months. “

Jenny Stanley, General Manager at Appetite Creative.

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