Verb Expertise Firm Inc. (NASDAQ: VERB) executives focus on the corporate’s options in livestream e-commerce, shares are falling

Verb Technology Company Inc. (NASDAQ: VERB) down 2.36% after the company announced that its CFO Jeff Clayborne and CEO Rory J. Cutaia would be guests during the AGP Tech Talk chimney chat webinar on June 10, 2021. Alliance Global Partners Head of Technology Research and Director of Research Brian Kinstlinger will moderate the event.

Verb executives discuss the potential of livestream eCommerce

During the webinar, VERB executives will discuss the Expansion of the live stream eCommerce in Asia, its potential in the US and other regions, and how VERB is positioned to capitalize on the growth through its interactive video sales enablement SaaS tools. They will also talk about the upcoming commercial release of VERB’s interactive video selling technology with Microsoft Outlook (a platform with over a billion users), new hypergrowth projects in livestream eCommerce, and the verb’s solid financial performance in the first quarter of 2021.

Cutaia recently confirmed that it is a fast growing company with interactive video marketing and sales tools. In addition to Microsoft Outlook, the company’s interactive video technology has been integrated into Salesforce. Also the company’s customer report of over 600% increase in sales conversion rates thanks to the innovative, patented and patent-pending technology platform.

Verb Technology strengthens its position through expansion

The company has the value-adding SoloFire capture 2020 and enables the company to enter the lucrative healthcare and life sciences sales sector. VERB’s next-generation software products are available to private individuals and corporate users through subscriptions in over 60 countries.

VERB was recently ranked number one by Social Selling News among providers of sales apps for direct selling companies, confirming the company’s dominant position in the direct selling industry. Additionally, verb Technology and Marketing 360 have partnered to offer a portfolio of complementary services to help small businesses grow through end-to-end marketing and sales campaigns.

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