Video Advertising and marketing Platform SpotX Expands Compliance Tech

SpotX, the world’s leading video advertising platform, announced today that it has developed a comprehensive suite of custom audience data tools that media owners and advertisers can use to target audiences with first-party, third-party or subscriber data in a privacy-compliant manner. SpotX first began investing in and developing advanced technologies that support data activation and protection for networked television (CTV) four years ago and has actively expanded its capabilities as the industry shifts towards greater activation of data on the supply side coincided.

“We realized early on that the CTV industry would need a supply-side data activation solution that was very different from how other areas of digital media work,” he said Mike Laband, Senior Vice President, Platform at SpotX. “It is extremely gratifying to see the market grow and to use the target group-based targeting suite that we have been developing for years. Since we have developed a technology that takes all data protection regulations into account, we expect further acceptance, especially if additional data protection restrictions are enforced. “

Approximately 92% of all CTV transactions on the SpotX platform take place in private marketplaces (PMPs). This growing number is leading more advertisers to consider a supply side data strategy to ensure a return on advertising spend (ROAS). However, CTV media owners have significantly higher premium inventory than ever before and are deeply concerned about the protection of their related data. For years, SpotX has built strong relationships with key stakeholders across the streaming TV ecosystem and is now in a unique position to bridge the gap between media owners and advertisers by managing sensitive, data-driven transactions. In 2020, SpotX saw impression trading in data grow 313% year over year, and 118 media owners activated audience-based campaigns that used both first-party and third-party data.

For media owners who are wary of data leaks, SpotX technology can preventively refine the inventory of video ads based on privacy data and content signals on the landing page in a privacy-compliant manner. It also restricts any personal information signals that are passed on to the buyer side in the bid request (via IP addresses, device IDs and additional signals) and obscures the data in the beacons.

Media owners can also strengthen campaign targeting strategies while maintaining consumer privacy by combining and / or matching first-party records with multiple other records (from advertisers or third-party data sources). This method of sharing data moves away from pixels and beacons to ensure that no accidental data loss occurs. This gives media owners more control and precision over their campaigns while protecting their first-party audience data.

As third-party cookies dissolve, many advertisers have turned to CTV, which accounts for over 70% of SpotX’s business, relying on users to sign up and give their consent. Advertisers using SpotX’s audience data technology can access customized log-level data and reports to create valuable insights, signals and audience records. This increases the advertisers’ ROAS and at the same time supports the optimization of the delivery path. The technology also gives advertisers better inventory visibility for planning and forecasting, as well as improved programmatic guaranteed executions.

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