Virginia Seashore: Two folks had been killed in capturing occasions and no less than eight had been injured, the police chief says

Police discovered at least eight shooting victims at the “original crime scene” near 20th Street and Atlantic Avenue when they arrived just after 11 p.m. Friday night, Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate told a news conference.

While police were investigating the first crime scene, shots were fired near 20th Street and Pacific Avenue about a block away, resulting in “a person being confronted with a uniform police officer in Virginia Beach,” Neudigate said. The officer shot the person in what the chief called “police shooting”.

A second person was killed in a separate shooting incident nearby, Neudigate said. He said the police are still trying to determine what happened but don’t think it was related to the first two shootings.

In addition to the shootings, a Virginia Beach police officer with non-life threatening injuries was rushed to a local hospital after being hit by a car.

“What you can see is that we have a very chaotic incident, a very chaotic night on the beach. Lots of different crime scenes,” Neudigate said.

No arrests had been made at the time of the meeting, but the chief said several people had been stopped and are in police custody. Their involvement was unclear.

During the briefing, the police did not reveal a motive for the shootings or details of the conditions of the injured.

In a previous post on Twitter, police said several of the victims may have sustained life-threatening injuries.

According to Neudigate, representatives from the Commonwealth Law Office were on hand to oversee the police investigation.

This is a developing story. Return for updates.

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