Vivaldi’s newest browser replace comes with 4 main tech killing options

Vivaldi 4.0 takes on the big boys with new mail and calendar integrations and more.


After a long wait, Vivaldi has finally released a number of additional features for its browser that are comparable to those of larger brands. namely the efforts of Google and Microsoft in the field of web clients.

Vivaldi 4.0 is a feature-rich update

If you’ve used Vivaldi before, the announcement of the latest blog post from is certainly welcome news. Why? Because Vivaldi 4.0 is here and brings a number of cool new features that want to take on Big Tech. Vivaldi says:

A decisive moment has come: Vivaldi 4.0 is here. Put simply, the era of blind trust in big tech is over.

You can download the latest version of Vivaldi now. All you have to do is visit the download page on and download it on multiple platforms.

What are the new Vivaldi 4.0 features?

There are four additional features in total, but be aware that three of those features are currently still in beta. As a result, you may run into one or the other bug or glitch. Nevertheless Vivaldi Technologies will iron this out during the beta phase.

So what functions are we looking at? Let’s take a look.

Vivaldi Translate

Vivaldi desktop translator

As you might expect, Vivaldi Translate is a method of converting online text from another language to your own. However, privacy is key here. For example, Google Translate literally stores everything you translate in its translation app. Vivaldi Translate doesn’t.

This means that you can read pages translated into your own language – not only quickly and easily – but also safely and securely without Google or other third parties poking around your company. Kind.

Vivaldi calendar

Would you like the world and his dog to know that you have an appointment for surgery on June 21 at 11 a.m.? Or a hot date on Friday evening? Vivaldi doesn’t want this for you, which is why the calendar feature is a real boon.

You can keep your calendar private or share it, but only with people who want to see it. A versatile calendar option with lots of useful features.

Vivaldi Mail

Vivaldi Mail desktop client

You could consider dedicated email clients a thing of the past. However, when your email client is separate from your web client, you can enjoy more privacy while communicating.

That’s what Vivaldi Mail does. It is a desktop based email client that does not depend on remote webmail servers to function. So all of your emails are for your eyes only, and not for Google or Microsoft to look for targeted marketing tips.

Vivaldi feed reader

Feed readers are extremely useful for reading news and articles from the Internet in one place. Most browsers have their own versions of feed readers, but have you ever looked at any of the content and wondered why you should care?

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Probably, and that’s because a lot of feed readers also have sponsored posts, which means a brand has paid to showcase their content. Vivaldi Feed Reader only contains items from brands that interest you. So you no longer see “We compared HelloFresh to Gusto. Guess who won? (Sponsored by HelloFresh)” in your feeds (I’m looking at you, Pocket).

Will you be upgrading to Vivaldi 4.0?

Vivaldi browser logo with laptops

You should, as those extra features really make Vivaldi a contender for Google and Microsoft to worry about. So, if you are a Vivaldi user, download the updates and see how the Vivaldi browser has improved.

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