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LONDON – Vogue Hong Kong will be releasing the first edition of its Vogue Man men’s clothing range on Monday. The “Parasite” star Park Seo Jun is on the two front pages, while Louis Vuitton, designed by Virgil Abloh, is on both.

The local edition, a license agreement between Condé Nast and Rubicon Media Ltd., announced last October that the biannual title would be published along with the April and September editions of Vogue Hong Kong. This makes it the sixth men’s Vogue title after Vogue Hommes in France, L’Uomo Vogue in Italy and Vogue Man in Arabia, Ukraine and the Netherlands.

Grant Pearce, creative director of Vogue Man Hong Kong, said it takes a little courage to get a title out at a very difficult time. Pearce worked on GQ launches in Australia, Japan and China and is a former Condé Nast veteran. He left the company in late 2019 and moved back to Sydney from Shanghai.

“For example, I received a very nice answer from Mr Giorgio Armani, who was basically so happy that a men’s magazine was started and not closed. I think that’s what people around the world are very supportive of in general – something that tries to spark interest in fashion and encourage fashion, but in a traditional way.

“The support has been pretty good if you look at the advertisers … It’s pretty strong and it also suggests that people are not giving up on Hong Kong, people are actually supporting Hong Kong and I think that’s a wonderful message from the market. Hong Kong is a really great city and we want it to continue to be a great city, ”said Pearce.

He added that while the cover choice is not his choice, it sends a clear message that this local edition is aimed “to resonate beyond Hong Kong.” Park is one of the most visited South Korean actors on Instagram with 17.56 million fans.

The issue also features model Jordan Barrett, new “Gossip Girl” star Evan Mock, the Thai romantic comedy drama “2Gether”, starring Metawin Opas-iamkajorn and Vachirawit Chiva-aree, and aspiring Hong Kong actor Terrance Lau.

“Right now I’m thinking from a fashion, music and development perspective [South] Korea is making progress. Yeah, it could have been someone from Hong Kong on the cover of course, but I got the feeling that … it was about how we break into the market and one of the important things we all have to think about now is how Are you leaving Germany and going abroad? “, he said.

Pearce acknowledged that Vogue Man Hong Kong is keen to bring a new story to the market as local competitors like Tatler have put many Hong Kong celebrities and personalities on the cover.

“You want to look different because it’s very easy to look the same. There are already strong men’s titles in Hong Kong, ”he added. “If you look at the content of the fashion pages in particular. It’s a very strong group of up-and-coming talent and everyone agreed to be a part of it because we have a global approach. We really wanted to try to find people who were successful ourselves and we wanted to do that with the celebrity mix. “

Also, given the strong and forward-thinking local fashion consumption in the city, Pearce believes that a Vogue Man concept is more appropriate than a general interest title in the Hong Kong market.

“I think niche products are much more suitable than in general because men have become much more confident in their demeanor, in the way they dress and groom themselves. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a GQ in the same market. It’s a different consumer, ”he said. “Even when you think of Hong Kong retail, stores like IT and Joyce have been so strong and supportive of men’s designer fashion. These are the customers who will buy this magazine. “

The title is run by a small team. Pearce hopes that the first issue will be well received and that Vogue Man Hong Kong will eventually develop its own presence across all channels.


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