WATCH NOW: Manufacturing of a mini industrial on Fb | enterprise

Let’s face it, we all use social media. Whether you love the platform or hate it doesn’t matter. The fact is, we all use it.

Videos on Facebook and online in general are becoming more common and engaging. In 2020, internet video traffic accounted for 80 percent of all consumer internet usage? This has increased total online time across the country.

Consumers are taking notice of videos on Facebook – whether it’s a clip of a model wearing a fashionable jacket or a compelling video of a vacuum cleaner on a dirty floor – and these types of posts encourage engagement. This also applies to marketers who are turning more to video to reach out to consumers. Visuals – photos and videos – help consumers make purchasing decisions.

At Wisconnvalley Media Group, we offer companies a simple tool to reach potential customers by combining the power of Facebook and video. When a business owner broadcasts a sponsored Facebook live video on our news pages, they can reach a large and engaged audience. The way we see it, 75 million people in the US watch video online every day. Shouldn’t a business owner use this to their advantage? I like to call it: “A mini commercial.” This contains:

A 3-10 minute video at the time and place a company chooses.

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