WATCH NOW: Proposed Fontaine Avenue Streetscape Design Revealed | Native authorities

Ken Ornelas, a local business owner, asked how widening the street would affect business property on Fontaine Avenue.

“I’ve been told I’m losing a parking space… we don’t have a big problem with that, but how will that affect our signage? How does the signage restore work for these companies in the region? “Ornelas asked.

Kling said the project managers will work with business owners if the project encroaches on their property, but he’s not concerned about many signage or business properties being affected.

“If it is suggested that the design affects any signage, we will work with the owner to move it to a location that has been mutually agreed,” he said. “As I understand it, there is only one area [of businesses] that we now see that they may be affected. “

Kling addressed concerns about how the construction will affect traffic.

“We hope that traffic will move through the corridor, one lane in each direction for most of the construction,” he said. “There is no easy way to construct this project with no impact, but there will be no detour. We will keep the road open and have access to businesses and homes throughout the project. “

Kling said there won’t be any changes to the current 35 mph speed limit.

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