Web site design suggestions for 2021

Just as fashion is constantly changing, so is web design. Whether it’s your first time to create a website or just want to refresh your page, it’s important that you keep some of these trends in mind. After all, you want your website to follow modern trends and make everything you have to offer unique. Here are a few 2021 website design tips.


There has been a setback in terms of the imagery commonly used on websites. With the constant improvements in cameras and the ubiquity of smartphones, this meant a trend towards high quality, razor sharp images. Recently, however, there has been some reversal which has resulted in texture-based Illustrations (which are often created digitally) are more popular than ever.

Creative product photos

While illustrations are great on the home page and in promotional materials, product photos are always needed. These have gotten a lot more creative, which has resulted in many stores using 3D simulations. Essentially, this gives the user the ultimate experience of viewing their products from a variety of angles that are closest to the item without obviously being able to see and touch it in person. Of course, adding such a feature can’t be straightforward, which is why a professional web design agency like Bluelinemedia.de can come in handy here.

Elegant fonts

Aside from the visual elements of a website, you also need to think about how the text fits into everything else on the page. The screen resolution was not very good in the old days, which resulted in the Choice of fonts that you could have was pretty limited. However, in the modern world where more and more people are accessing the internet on smartphones, it means that more elegant and intricate fonts can be used to grab the visitor’s attention and show off all that you are as a brand.


Technology quotes that make you think – “If your plans don’t include a cell phone, your plans are ongoing.”Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


Playful animation

Animation has long been a popular feature, but many companies are making it appear right on the home page. This way, people can get a fun impression of the website from the get-go and the first impression of your brand will be positive.

Bright colors

Bright colors have been shown to have a calming effect on people, which can play a key role in making them linger on the page longer instead of quickly clicking off and going elsewhere.

These are just a few of the website design trends in 2021 that are worth considering. While you may not want to include all of them, they are all worth considering so your website can see what works best.

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