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Two of the hallmarks of the internet are easy access and easy access. Everyone can leave a digital footprint on the Internet and at the same time everyone has equal access to publicly available digital information. This makes the Internet both a pervious (or easy market for users and agents to get in and out of) and a crowded marketplace. And when there are so many players, the competition becomes fierce.

This makes running a business particularly challenging for online business owners. Online business owners need to pull out all the stops to attract and retain customers on their websites. This includes making your customers’ surfing experience as convenient, smooth and error-free as possible. If not, customers can simply click on one of a hundred other competing companies.

Maintaining a website is a challenge in itself. The task is usually not something that typical laypeople could take on. It’s a technical endeavor that is usually left to web developers and system administrators. That is, until Website Success Tools website monitoring services are available.

Website Success Tools, a digital solutions provider for online businesses, offers a full suite of website monitoring services used to test, diagnose, analyze, and measure website performance. What makes them valuable to online business owners is how they make website monitoring easy and convenient.

Take, for example, Website Success Tools’ uptime monitoring service. As the name suggests, it monitors the “availability” or the state of accessibility of a website. Ideally, websites should always be “up”. They should work around the clock without skipping a clock. But basically, a website is just a program that a machine runs, and like any technology, machine performance can stall.

If these mistakes go undetected, they create problems for online businesses. When a website goes down intermittently, is buggy, or inaccessible, online businesses lose their customers. An ongoing service problem weakens the company’s brand. The worst thing is that the negative effect continues long after the service problem is resolved.

To counteract this, the Uptime Monitor provides the earliest warning for extended website downtime. Not only does uptime monitoring monitor a website moment by moment, but the service is smart enough to detect downtime that can lead to catastrophic outages – that can be noticed by customers and hinder the flow of business. And the alert will be in the form of an email or SMS message for the business owner or web administrator. Uptime monitoring speeds response times to repairs and helps get websites back up and running before anyone notices.

Another monitoring service offered by Website Success Tools is page speed monitoring. This service monitors and measures the page access or the responsiveness of a website. Like website downtime, a slow website can negatively impact customer experience.

Slow page speed is a direct factor in a performance rating called bounces when customers click out of websites they have just accessed. Customers just don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load and resolve (fully displayed on the screen). Studies have shown that customers drop out of websites that take longer than 2 to 5 seconds to load. High bounce rates lead to lower sales conversions. Low conversion means low sales.

Page Speed ​​Monitoring helps by having all of the key metrics used to measure a website’s responsiveness like TTFB (Time To First Byte), TTU (Time To Usability) and TTFD (Time To First Draw) as well as other factors like the amount of website Data that needs to be loaded. From there, the monitoring service can evaluate a website’s page speed and provide valuable insight into what is causing the sluggishness. A website administrator can then use the information to repair and optimize the monitored website.

Website Success Tools also offers other purpose-built website monitoring services. There is real-time user monitoring that can capture patterns and behaviors of website usage by actual users. There is also application performance monitoring, which allows web developers to beta test a website design for quality control purposes.

Website Success Tools have expertly designed and built all of these services to help online businesses ensure that their websites can deliver a high quality web experience to their customers.

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