Website positioning Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun in talks about directing a brand new TVN drama

Seo Ye Ji and Park Byung Eun have been offered roles in an upcoming tvN drama!

On September 7th, Munhwa Ilbo News Agency reported that Seo Ye Ji was considering an offer to star in tvN’s “Eves Scandal,” a drama set to air in the first half of 2022.

A source from tvN told Munhwa Ilbo, “We scripted Seo Ye Ji and are currently in the process of coordinating our opinions and awaiting her final response.” Her agency GOLDMEDALIST has confirmed that the actress has been offered the role and is reviewing it.

It was also revealed that Park Byung Eun is in talks for the drama alongside Seo Ye Ji. A source from C-JeS Entertainment said, “Park Byung Eun has been offered a role in tvN’s new drama ‘Eve’s Scandal’ and is watching it.”

“Eve’s Scandal” is a melodrama dealing with the inside story of a chaebol’s 2 trillion won divorce proceedings that shock the nation. The drama, written by Yoon Young Mi, is said to be a hot topic among industry insiders as it has a solid script.

Seo Ye Ji is said to have been offered the role of Lee Ra El, who was born between a brilliant father and a beautiful mother. After an unhappy family affair, she transforms into a woman with fatal charm who is compared to a “dangerous flower”. She is the woman at the center of the incredibly expensive divorce proceedings.

Park Byung Eun has been entrusted with the role of CEO of the # 1 corporate group in the financial world. If Park Byung Eun accepts, it will be his first leading role in a drama. The actor is currently on JTBC’s Lost.

Seo Ye Ji achieved great worldwide popularity through tvN’s “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. She has not appeared in public since the controversy surrounding her alleged manipulation of Kim Jung Hyun’s behavior in 2018, and she has also withdrawn from the drama “Island”, in which she appeared in conversations. Her latest project was the film “Recalled” with Kim Kang Woo.

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