Websnoogie receives the Better of Omaha B2B Award for 2021

Omaha, NE, April 5, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Websnoogie, LLC is pleased to announce that they were one of the winners in the “Best of Omaha B2B” 2021 web hosting category. They’re incredibly proud of this award as Websnoogie rivaled every other web hosting company in Omaha, Nebraska. The Websnoogie staff would like to thank all customers and everyone else who voted for Websnoogie!

The ten-year existence of the Websnoogie team with the Best of Omaha B2B Award begins with the Best of Omaha B2B Award.

Where did it all start?

In 2012, Rod Atwood was eager to start a web design business. Rod founded Websnoogie, LLC with the assistance of Tom Rundall, a business partner. Initially, the company hosted and built websites for nonprofits and small businesses.

Over time, however, the CEO, Rod Atwood, changed the momentum. Today he hosts most of the websites he has created, as well as other businesses and nonprofits. Websnoogie is managed for the tenth time today by Rod Atwood and his wife Tami Atwood, as well as several contractors. Websnoogie is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and provides web hosting, web design, SEO and geotargeting services.


Why Websnoogie?

When asked what makes Websnoogie a customer favorite, Rod points out three basic elements: affordability, excellent customer service, and quality products. When customers turn to Websnoogie, they get quick support from a welcoming team. Websnoogie’s local SEO services are solely focused on customer needs and are constantly engaged to help grow businesses.

Websnoogie’s functions, based on a solid knowledge base and excellent management, ensure an excellent result. Websnoogie’s customers are indeed at the heart of the business. Websnoogie prides itself on providing services that would normally come at an additional cost for customers with other businesses.

At Websnoogie, they bundle everything together as part of their web hosting and design packages to get everything you need and more.

Do you want to know the secret of Websnoogie in terms of hosting, web design and SEO?

The Websnoogie team uses time carefully and develops processes to achieve more effective results at lower costs. They also use highly organized, tech-savvy knowledge to build websites. Websnoogie web hosting services are very cheap compared to competing companies because they keep a close eye on overhead costs.

In addition, thanks to the high level of technological expertise and experienced staff, their labor costs remain low. Finally, they outsource particularly highly rated contractors for additional support when needed.

Websnoogie’s process: how do they design your website?

Websnoogie specializes in high quality web design and internet marketing for nonprofits and small businesses. Websnoogie’s web hosting and web design processes follow seven simple steps.


First, one of your team members will meet with your representative to investigate and evaluate your business needs. As a result, they may offer suggestions specific to your business from their on-site online experience.

Websnoogie people realize that you know your company best and you don’t want to assume anything else. With this model you work together to understand the advantages and disadvantages of your processes, goals and visions.

Website analysis

Websnoogie’s seasoned experts conduct a competitive analysis to find out your web design needs and evaluate your place in the industry online. They then propose solutions to improve SEO, geotargeting, branding, and your company’s message.

Website demo

Websnoogie is creating a sample website that will help you judge what it would look like in post production. They work with you and communicate constantly to make sure they are on the right track according to your business needs.

Approval process

The approval process step enables changes, feedback, and final approval.

Move online

Websnoogie creates the website and asks for final approval of the layout. After that, the website can go online!

Web training and support

Websnoogie is happy to provide customers with additional support in managing the back-end aspects of their website. This support should enable you to move forward independently.

Follow up

Your employees offer free questions and answers about your website operation to ensure continuous support. This support is available almost anytime and is available for the life of the website.

Web hosting support

Websnoogie takes great pride in the prompt support and attention to detail offered to all web hosting customers. Most customers get a solution within minutes.

Websnoogie hosts a team of talented select technicians and designers. They work hard to provide a robust infrastructure that customer organizations can use to easily scale. Websnoogie strives to ensure that they meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

Thank you to everyone who supported Websnoogie and made it possible to win the Best of Omaha B2B Award for 2021. Your staff are really grateful for the support and they strive to continue to do their best to meet their customers’ needs.

About the Best Of Omaha B2B Award

What was once just a competition among the staff at Omaha Magazine has now grown into something much bigger. For a year the team decided to open this competition to its readers. They asked readers to vote for their top Omaha, Nebraska services and businesses.

Today the Best of Omaha logo is a recognized and trusted symbol in the region. The public knows that the companies that have it are doing a good job.

To win this award is an incredible achievement as there are over 28,986 unique companies in the Omaha metropolitan area. There are also 322 categories in the Best of Omaha 2021 competition, resulting in fewer than 970 winners, and the Websnoogie staff are thrilled to be one of them!


Media contact

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Email: [email protected]

Web: https://www.websnoogie.com/

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