What number of search engine marketing initiatives result in profitable outcomes for purchasers

Aleyda Solis did a super interesting survey on Twitter asking SEOs about their success rate for SEO projects. She asked: “What percentage of the SEO processes / projects / initiatives you are working on have the” agreed / expected result “in the end and are viewed as a” success “by the customers / stakeholders?

As you can imagine, the results are pretty much everywhere. Only 14% said that 85% of their projects are seen as a successful SEO result in the eyes of their clients. 22.5% said that less than 30% of their SEO projects are viewed as successful by their clients.

Here are the survey results:

SEOs: What percentage of the SEO processes / projects / initiatives you are working on achieve the “agreed / expected result” in the end and are viewed as “success” by customers / stakeholders?

If you are a consultant: look at every client / project.
If you are internal: consider each initiative.

– Aleyda Solis (@aleyda) August 4, 2021

I don’t know – I mean, I don’t do SEO and that’s one reason I don’t. When I take on a project, I want to be able to deliver 100% of the results. With SEO, even if I know it very well, I cannot guarantee the result because of all the variables involved. I know a lot of SEOs make sure that results are measured in a way they can control, but still.

SEOs deserve a lot of credit for dealing with this type of stress. The stress of having a nice part of your clients and projects doesn’t lead to a “successful” outcome in the eyes of the person who pays you for them.

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