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JULY 23rd – AUGUST 23rd


Life may feel like it’s moving again, but there are temptations aroundPhoto credit: Yordanka Poleganova at Illustrat

With the warmth of the sun and the lift of a new moon, both of which shake your personal star space – this can be a week with Leo premieres.

So after the recent raids, you can really feel your life moving again.

Play your part – stay on the positive side of keeping things real.

And in terms of love, focus on what you value most in a partner. Because this week temptation is omnipresent …

DESTINY DAYS If you’re waiting for big news, give Monday a nudge.
Take some time on Thursday to review a cash register plan. Shared tickets
can trigger luck on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS Birthdays in January or July. The couple that last
married. Music related to a Scandinavian country.

TRY to write or talk about your own life – maybe with a comedy
Element – is something that the new moon strongly suggests. Even if you don’t
Share it, this will help you understand yourself so well.

BUY The most durable tokens of love aren’t always the obvious, right
most expensive, those. Think about what a partner would really be like
happy then invest in that.

DYE IT Deep, rich gold tones are perfect for Leo. Names of places
or people who contain “gold” can be lucky too.

Mystic Meg predicts your coming week


Mystic Meg predicts your coming weekPhoto credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

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