What’s higher than one? TWO! September 1st Purchase One Take One Offers at SM Supermalls

September 1st is here and on this auspicious day we welcome the beginning of the “Ber” months. This year, many of us at home buckle up at different stages of ECQ and MECQ, but SM Supermalls got your taste buds covered – twice! Today all gourmets who have had enough of homemade food – there are plenty of BUY ONE, TAKE ONE offers from your favorite food chains. From pizza to milk tea and everything in between, SM Supermalls has your belly covered.

Pizza is better when you buy one, take one so more of your family and friends will share the cake with some to keep! At Shakey’s, you get 2 18-inch American pizzas for the price of 1 with your Shakey’s Supercard.

Looking for other pizza options? At Pizza Hut, you can enjoy two regular Super Supreme or Meat Lovers Pan Pizzas for P599 or two 9-inch New Hawaiian Lovers Pan Pizzas for P299! At Yellow Cab you can get a 9-inch pepperoni, Hawaiian, Garden Special, BBQ Chicken or Manhattan Meatlovers pizza for P499 and get a cheese pizza for free! Would like more? Greenwich also has buy-one, take-one deals on its 9-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch pizzas!

And here is more! McDonald’s gives a free hot fudge sundae when you order their 2-part McDonald’s chicken à la carte. Burger King, on the other hand, offers one purchase and gets two, X-Tra Long Chicken Jr .; And for dessert you can buy one, take a mini chocolate mug for only 29 P. At Kenny Roger’s you can also buy one and get a Baked Mac & Cheese, Tex Mex or Muffin for free.

And there are snack options too! Buy two pretzels and get one for free from Aunt Anne; or buy a beef or chicken shawarma and get one of the same variations for free at Shawarma Shack.

Buy your favorite milk tea, because today you have the chance to score double points. At Macao Imperial Tea, you can buy a monster-size cheesecake and pearl milk tea, and get an old-size cheesecake and pearl milk tea; or buy a Black Pearl Tea and take one with you for free for only P199!

At Infinitea you get a great winter melon tea to get a great apple or lychee fruit tea for free, while at Chatime you can buy their milk tea with purple rice to enjoy another one for free.

Yes, it’s September 1st and it’s going to be a “bellygood” time at SM with all of the Buy 1, Take 1 offers for you to enjoy!

With #SafeMallingatSM you can safely enjoy your cravings in your favorite restaurants in the SM supermarkets!

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