Who performs Park Web optimization-joon in Captain Marvel 2?

Park Seo-Joon was reportedly cast in The Marvels, but what character does he play? Here are a few choices from Marvel Comics.

The cast of Captain Marvel 2 (officially titled The Marvels) reportedly added South Korean actor Park Seo-Joon – but who does he play? The sequel, directed by Nia DaCosta (Candyman), began filming this year and is slated for release in 2023.

Park stars in the hit K-drama series Itaewon Class and also played a minor role in the Oscar-winning thriller Parasite as Min-Hyuk, Kim Ki-Woo’s wealthy friend, who gives him a tutoring job in a wealthy household. According to South Korean entertainment news site Star News, which covered the casting, Park is expected to travel to the United States in the second half of 2021 to film his role in The Marvels after production of his upcoming film Concrete Utopia is completed.

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The casting has led to speculation that Park might play Amadeus Cho, the most famous Korean superhero in Marvel Comics who became the Hulk after acquiring the powers of Bruce Banner. However, Amadeus Cho is not closely associated with Captain Marvel or the other members of the Marvel family, so it seems unlikely that he made his Captain Marvel 2 debut. In addition, Park Seo-Joon is 32 and thus a little too old to play the teen genius Amadeus Cho, which even takes into account Hollywood’s tendency to cast older actors in teenage roles. Park is almost as old as Claudia Kim, who played Amadeus’ mother Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so casting her as mother and son wouldn’t make much sense.

Amadeus Cho and Noh-Varr

If Park Seo-Joon plays an established Marvel superhero, the most likely candidate is Noh-Varr aka Marvel Boy. Like Carol Danvers, Noh-Varr was a soldier in the Kree Empire, but his life changed when a villain named Dr. Midas attacked his ship and crashed it, killing Noh-Varr’s parents and girlfriend. Interestingly, the ship crashes in New Jersey, where some of the filming for The Marvels is taking place. In addition to the usual Kree powers of super strength and durability, Noh-Varr’s DNA has been manipulated to contain insect genes, making him “half-human, half-cockroach.” He’s incredibly strong, incredibly tough, and can run along walls and ceilings too. If any set photos of Park with white hair show up, it’s a safe bet he’s playing Noh-Varr.

While it would be exciting to introduce Marvel Boy to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s also possible – and perhaps more likely – that Park Seo-Joon is simply playing a minor character with no powers. He could be an agent for SWORD, Earth’s agency that is expected to play a significant role in the plot of The Marvels. Whatever role he plays, Park’s presence is sure to be a draw for the South Korean box office, currently one of the five largest film markets in the world.

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