Why ought to animated movies be your subsequent advertising and marketing technique?

Be it Christmas, Independence Day, Easter or any other event, Google updates its Doodle to make it more individual depending on the event. The world’s fourth largest tech company in its use of animation in terms of sales underscores the importance of animation in today’s world. As the world’s leading and most popular search engine, Google ensures that new ideas and strategies are developed that make it more memorable and personable for audiences. Regardless of whether it is 2D animations, explanatory videos or other forms of animation, Google simply uses them to their full extent.

But the question arises, why? This is because animation videos are the next big thing on the social media and marketing side. Every company and / or brand tends to come up with new ideas, strategies, even services and guidelines to ensure that their customers will remember them. And what could be nicer than keeping in touch with your customers than animation videos. Let’s see how

How Animated Videos Affect Business – Customer Relationship

Research Highlights Videos improve information retention by up to 95% than any written text at a rate of 10%. This means that an animated video used to explain a topic, promote your business, or simply interact with your customers is more likely to have a significant impact on them than on written copy.

Let’s face it, an animated video reminds us of the good old days of our childhood. That’s the best thing about these videos. They make us nostalgic. Having an emotional connection and a simplified way of explaining different concepts or having a little fun helps companies attract their social media audience and ultimately, keep their customers engaged.

Aside from better customer relationships and loyalty, there are several reasons why you should use animated videos as part of your social media strategy. Scroll down to read more.

Animation videos are just … fun!

As the saying goes, what interests you most improves your productivity and the quality of your work. Likewise, seeing something that may be important and informative but not interesting and making you sleepy is a big NO. Animation videos have a better advantage in this regard: they are always fun, regardless of whether they are 3D or 2D animation videos.

By connecting with your customers via social media via animation videos, you can create a positive outlook of your company and improve and positively influence the online visibility of your company. This allows these videos to better explain the simpler or more complex ideas and make it easier to learn and understand.

It allows for greater audience participation and attention span by ultimately improving relativity with the content. To this end, most animated videos use the whiteboard to explain concepts and ideas.

Animation videos are multitaskers

With a creative approach and ideas out of the box, you can incorporate animation video into your social media marketing strategy in any way possible. Whether as explanatory videos, advertising, storytelling, or for any other purpose, you can use animation videos in any way possible – for any reason.

In addition, because of their increasingly supportive nature of content creation and the professional and fun way of improving customer reach, animated videos are also great for all different social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Pro tip: Generally, animation videos are timed anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, making an animation video short, simplified, and focused.

Animation videos allow flexibility

One of the main drawbacks of traditional video, which is not present in animated video, is that if there were any changes, the video would make a full 360 ° change. Animated videos in this regard allow companies to update and modify the videos according to their needs and business character.

In terms of content, animated videos give content creators more flexibility and freedom in explaining all kinds of concepts with as many different characters as they want. This allows content creators and animators to cover a wide variety of topics to improve their business marketing and customer reach.

With an ever growing number of tools and platforms that support animation video, around 90% of B2B companies have chosen animation video marketing to change their marketing strategy, forever too.

Animation videos are mobile-friendly

When surfing the internet, browsing websites, shopping online, or chatting on social media, people rely on their cell phones more than any other device. This, in turn, requires content creators, animators, and online businesses to ensure that their social media marketing strategy remains responsive and matches the screen size of their viewers’ mobile phones.

Animation videos are the preferred social media content in this case, better suited for mobile phones and one of the main reasons for the growing mobile traffic with a share of almost 80%. With the widespread use of cellphones to enjoy excessive social media and stay connected during covid-19, the animation videos have become the leading marketing tool in 2020.

Last but not least…

Animation videos are easy in your pockets

The only purpose of a social media strategy, marketing plan, or business plan is to ensure that you are performing really well in your competitive market and with your target audience by staying within your budget.

The good news is that by opting for animation video, you can reach your target audience of sales viewers or customers by making sure your budget finances are not hit hard. When including animation video in your social media strategy, just think about the software you may need to create and edit videos and you are all ready for it.

With all of the above benefits, including animation video in your marketing strategy can undoubtedly serve as a reliable, attractive, and trending idea to assert your place among your competitors.

In a nutshell,

Animated videos have become an integral part of the online world lately. Depending on the type of business, companies incorporate it not only to promote and market their business, but also to add a fun element to its features. If you want to achieve a leading position in your competitive market, all you need is an animation video.

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