Why Select A Shifting Firm

Are you moving soon, and do you not yet know if you will move alone or use a moving company? To make the right choice, you have to weigh the pros and cons and decide accordingly. If a professional’s use represents an undeniable cost, it also has many advantages to take into account in your choice. But do you know what a professional moving service can bring you? To avoid regrets, take the time to take stock before deciding.

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It is an undeniable time and energy saving.

ProtectionPreparing for a move is no easy task. Between the administrative formalities related to housing, school, or work, the preparation of boxes, the rental of a vehicle adapted to the volume of effects to be moved, the search for arms to help you loading and unloading see the driving a truck. It is effortless to get overwhelmed in the preparations for the move. Not to mention that you will have to deal with children and animals on D-Day.

Given these constraints, resorting to a professional to take charge of your move, therefore, represents a very significant saving of time and energy. So many resources that you can use to do all the administrative procedures that remain under your responsibility.

You benefit from the experience of a professional for the organization of the move.

The movers are seasoned professionals in logistics organizations. If you use a moving company, you will not have to worry about estimating your goods’ volume to choose a moving truck of the right size or even find the boxes necessary for your needs.

During a visit before the estimate’s establishment, a company manager comes to your home to estimate your needs and your project’s constraints. He assesses the volume of belongings to be moved and precisely defines the human and logistical resources allocated to the movement’s organization.

With an all-inclusive moving formula, you can completely take the burden off the preparation of the boxes. But even if you choose to make the boxes yourself, depending on the procedure, you can have sufficient packaging and protection provided by your service provider. There is no need to run after boxes and protective equipment or risk having packages that are too fragile and unsuitable for the volumes of objects to be moved.

The movers have the means adopted in the event of constraints

private move, the vital issues to overcome during a movement are often carrying heavy or bulky loads and access difficulties related to the accommodation’s geographical location to be moved, the number of floors. By entrusting your move to a professional, you can be sure that on D-day, he will have the equipment and resources necessary to take care of your furniture and your boxes safely.

Depending on the difficulties posed by your move, we assign a sufficient number of staff and the right equipment to each project. An action may indeed require the use of specific equipment such as:

  • carrying straps for handling heavy loads such as a washing machine, refrigerator, piano.
  • Tray trolleys, hand trucks, and rolling cabinets.
  • A furniture lift or a basket if the stairwell limits access.

With a professional mover, you don’t have to break your back carrying too heavy loads and rack your brains to know how to get your old, unremovable wardrobe through the stairs!

You are insured for the risks incurred in the event of damage

The significant advantage of using a professional mover is the insurance you get when moving. You rarely think about it when moving on your own, but the risks of damage are multiple when moving:

  • injuries and risks associated with carrying heavy loads;
  • breakage and deterioration of your personal effects,
  • traffic accident with a rental truck.

If you call on a professional for your move, you automatically benefit from the mover’s contractual liability. By signing a moving contract, the professional assumes responsibility for the goods that he will take charge of and transport on your behalf. For you, this is the guarantee of being compensated in the event of a claim, unless the cause of the problem is not your responsibility (fault of the customer, defect in the property, case of force majeure).

Given this guarantee, you must establish a list of your valuables to determine the amount of potential compensation: this is called the declaration of value. In the event of specific risks, the Gentlemen of the move can also offer you damage insurance called MUST insurance, capable of providing you with a better guarantee than our basic insurance.

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