Will Park Bo Younger and Search engine marketing In Guk share a kiss on Doom at Your Service? New nonetheless makes room for fascinating fan theories

The new “Doom at Your Service” still makes you excitedly hold your breath to see if Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk will finally share a kiss.

The creators of the fantasy romantic drama dropped the new teaser image of Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) leaning near Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young) while spending time on the beach. The images promise a romantic scene between the two characters, but it remains to be seen if the two can give the love a chance.

Previously in the drama, Mang tried to deny that he had any special feelings for Kyung, but his actions were clear. Will he finally give in or will he push Kyung away again by showing his cruel side?

Fans following the new show are already in full swing and have started to theorize what might be in store. Scroll down to see some interesting fan theories:

I will still go with the theory that MM becomes human. It’s a fair / balanced exchange … his immortality in Ret … https://t.co/BiEq9Wb1hy

– MyOhMy @ (@DaisiesOh) 1621829822000

Note: I don’t think MM would die in scenario 1 because a garden needs butterflies too, right? I also mean if a world … https://t.co/rgjRHC5FGt

– MyOhMy @ (@DaisiesOh) 1621829821000

For everyone who is still confused: Scenario 1: DK lives = MM dies (person who loves them) = world will not be destroyedScenar… https://t.co/CAkg2KXiU6

– MyOhMy @ (@DaisiesOh) 1621829820000

In one scene he holds her and in another she is. What about the two of us kissing scenes … aaa see me as #DoomAtYourService

– InGukDream (@guk_dream) 1621829720000

But what if MM really becomes a person and then can no longer take DK’s pain away? He will bear testimony … https://t.co/ENvsr9CEp2

– Stan_ParkBoYoung (@SParkboyoung) 1621766045000

The next episode of ‘Doom at Your Service’ will air on May 24th.

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