Zebra Cobra Snake in Raleigh, NC was the neighbor’s pet

Residents of a neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina awoke Tuesday to news that a zebracobra snake was at large.

The zebra cobra is not native to the state; In fact, it’s not even native to the country. Zebra cobras come from Africa, according to the African Snake Bite Institute. The snake is usually shy and will choose to flee, although if cornered it will be quick to bite or spit. According to the institute, its poison can cause tissue damage or even death.

The zebra cobra is nocturnal and has black vertical stripes. It often has a dark black or brown head.

Neighborhood residents told WRAL-TV that they had no idea that one of their neighbors is keeping a pet zebra cobra. They said they were particularly concerned about their children and pets.

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“It’s pretty alarming,” said Mark Pavlic, who lives in the neighborhood, to WRAL. “It seems like a pretty dangerous snake, and dogs like to sniff the grass and look at things. It’s an extreme worry.”

Under North Carolina state law, it is not illegal to be in possession of a venomous snake as long as the owner keeps the reptile in an escape-proof enclosure. The law requires that the owner must have information if the animal escapes, including the location of an appropriate antidote.

Police advised residents to call 911 when they see the line.

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